The Financial Wellness Coach that Understands you

For a vast majority of people, money is a source of stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

This financial stress affects all spheres of our lives, both personal and professional, and addresses this real social issue.

Many tools are available, but their accounting approach does not match the relationship people have with money.

 will understand the person, identify his psychological profile and follow his financial behavior.

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It’s more than numbers

We all have a different relationship with money and it has more impact on the management of our finances than our financial knowledge or the amount of money we have.

People centric

Kaira’s approach, centered on the person, his situation and his relationship toward money, will allow better control of personal finances.

How we will do it

Kaira will use artificial intelligence technologies to tailor and personalize the personal finance management experience for each individual.

is under development and will be available in desktop and smart phone version


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